We think the fashion industry and its surrounding community deserve better tools for business, online publishing, and social networking. We often hold free office hours virtually and IRL.

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Like millions of other members of the Polyvore community, we were saddened by the lack of niche communities for fashion lovers on the internet and in real life. So...we decided to build our own!

Over the years we've counted literally hundreds millions of people online in search of tech help, styling advice, creative expression and community across various general-use social platforms and forums. We wanted a way to talk to our fashion family in real time, and create a space where the unique perspectives of others could be explored by likeminded, engaged audiences all over the world. And not just online...in real life, too.

Join the Voile Community

Our approach is a bit different than some of the other tech companies out there. Just like our favorite direct-to-consumer fashion brands, we wanted to involve the fashion community in every step of our development process. That's why we created a Slack Masterminds community to help those voices get published online, exchange knowledge, and give feedback to the Voile development team. When we launch, those amazing helpers will go on to become beta testers and community moderators.

We'd like to invite you to participate in real-time conversations with other members of the fashion community. Come on in and invite your friends!

Sign up for the Mastermind Community Slack Group

Slack is a way for large teams to engage in conversation over specific topics. Seemed appropriate for building a large team of fashion perspectives.

Just complete our sign up form that tells us a little about who you are, and get access to loads of conversations with other people in the community. We've got:

  • influencers
  • influencer agencies
  • brands
  • industry professionals
  • fashionable consumers
  • budding fashion entrepreneurs
  • hobbyist sewers
  • brand and marketing strategists
  • our tech friends...and more!

Curious about what's being discussed in the community? We've got conversations going on about

  • how to identify and work with great influencers
  • advice on how to start fashion photography/illustration/sewing, & where to take classes
  • how to start and manage a professionally branded website, and legally protect your brand
  • what's trending
  • everything else that's happening in fashion today

Tell us a little about yourself and we'll send out an Invite!

Once you've completed the form, you'll receive an invite to Slack and a link you can share to bring your friends on board as well. We look forward to meeting you!

Disclaimer: We ask some questions that help us understand our community demographic (you!) better. We anonymize your data (name, birthday, location, and everything else you tell us), so that we can tell the brands we consult with about which type of person cares about specific conversation topics in the fashion space, and stakeholders who want to know about the community we serve. Send a message to us at yourfriends@voile.io if you'd like to know more or would like to share your concerns with us directly.