Hey. We're building a mobile app platform for fashion bloggers people writing, posting, and sharing content in the realm of fashion. Actually, we believe the term "fashion blogging" is outdated as there are many unique identities out there on the web creating content at a professional level in this space.

That being said, here are the tools we are building into the Voile platform, which we believe members of this community require:

1.) Unified Community

A connected network of  accounts to explore and follow, all in the realm of fashion and style.

2.) Meticulously Well-Defined Content Tags to Use

Writing and sharing content only matters if you can connect to an audience willing to invest. We're here to help people find you. We're working hard to come up with a scrupulously curated collection of tags to categorize searchable platform content. (Examples: Athliesure, Women's Fashion Advice, Men's Fashion Advice, Accessories, Capsule Wardrobe Curation, Sewing, etc)

We've designed our database with careful study of topics important to the fashion community.

3.) A Rich Text Editor

A beautiful editor for writing posts, complete with tools for rich text formatting powered by Markdown. You'll be able to provide hyperlinks to stuff outside the community in your posts. No more "link in bio" hoops to jump through. No more unreasonable character count limitations. Write as much or as little as you like.

Add images using Unsplash, create link to navigate to external pages, or format text.

4.) Commenting with Disqus

We. Like. Talkee. We've added easy-to-read post commenting supportive of community discussion. And to that end, we believe our community should be able to self-regulate comments to ensure a positive experience for everyone. We're all friends here. And PS, if you've commented in other Disqus communities like Into The Gloss or Manrepeller you're already good to go here on our platform. Start chattin'.

Example comment on a post that has just been read.

5.) Expressive, Detailed User Profiles

An identity profile to match like-minded readers to their content and help us shine a spotlight on unique writers in minority demographics.

6.) The Community-Curated Glossy Appazine

Last but not least, a glossy, in-app magazine featuring content posted within the community. Everyone can be an editor, model, curator, artist...we'll use data science and our team of human minds to periodically surface the best stuff and format the pages just like your favorite magazine.